End of Life Doula

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Curtis Quality Care, LLC is proud to introduce the services of our certified End of Life Doula’s

Curtis Quality Care has always taken pride in our Palliative and Hospice services as these programs have always been a passion for owner Heather and staff. We have striven to always provide excellence of care and wholehearted compassion to our clients and their families. To learn and provide a better and more holistic approach to dying, some of our staff have become Certified End of Life Doulas, otherwise known as Death Doulas, learning not only the about the process of dying both physically and emotionally but also understanding and using a holistic, open, honest participation in the dying process.

Ways we can assist:

  • Homecare
  • Vigil / companionship
  • Homemaking
  • Facilitating difficult conversations
  • Support/ Guidance/ empowerment/ advocation
  • Liaison between family, physicians, and caregivers
  • Legacy work, documenting the story for the next generations.