Elderly Care Ossipee

Sara J. Carey

Director of Client Services
Certified Dementia Care Specialist
ADRD Certified Trainer
Care Coordinator

Sara grew up in the idyllic small town of Stark, NH. This helped to shape Sara’s view on homecare and way of life. In Stark, everyone knew everyone and the door was always open. One always helped their neighbor and shared with one another what was needed from clothes to food. Sara moved to the Wolfeboro area with her family in 1989. She attended Kingswood Regional High School where she graduated in 1994.

Sara has been working since she was 14 in various industries and areas, but never found anything that quite fit until going to work in a local facility in 1996, where she became a caregiver and supervisor. Sara has been a supervisor for the past 18 years; she has been trained in crisis management and has vast experience with many different disorders, from Brain Injury, Autism, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s/Dementia. She joined our family at Curtis Quality Care in 2010. She has a wide variety of skills that make her especially suited for assisting our clients in their homes.

When Sara joined us in 2010, it was as a personal care attendant; it became clear quickly that Sara was a rare find. Sara became the Director of Client Services in 2011. Some of her duties include: client intake, management of client records, and creating and implementing a client’s plan of care for each home. In 2012 Sara became an administrator for the company, assisting with all aspects of client care. Also, in 2012, Sara took over the scheduling of staff and clients, which is no easy feat. In 2013 Sara was also began assisting with hiring of employees, supervising their orientation and training, and management of staff files.

When asked why she enjoys her job Sara responded “helping people to remain in their homes, as independent as possible, and be cared for in the way I would care for my loved one, gives me a feeling of great accomplishment and when I go home I feel as though I have helped to do good things. This does not happen at every job or career avenue out there. I love and appreciate this job and would never want to do anything else”.