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Welcome to Curtis Quality Care, LLC., specializing in Geriatric Care Management and elder Care Management and offering services in Ossipee. Our commitment lies in providing comprehensive and compassionate support for seniors and their families, focusing on their well-being and comfort.

Geriatric Care Management is the cornerstone of our services, repeated throughout our approach. We conduct meticulous care planning assessments to identify challenges and current and future needs, ensuring a tailored approach for each individual. Whether assessing eligibility for assistance, determining necessary services, or creating personalized care plans, our focus remains on understanding and meeting individual needs.

Our team is dedicated to screening, arranging, and closely monitoring in-home assistance while addressing additional health concerns. We emphasize Geriatric Care Management in Ossipee, ensuring a holistic approach to reviewing financial, legal, and medical issues. We offer referrals to professional services to conserve assets and provide comprehensive care for the elderly.

In moments of crisis, our Geriatric Care Management services offer swift and effective intervention, providing immediate support and resolution. Serving as liaisons between families, physicians, and long-distance caregivers, we facilitate effective communication and decision-making processes.

Transitioning to alternative housing options can be challenging. Curtis Quality Care, LLC. assists in identifying suitable options and facilitates smooth transitions. Providing guidance and support throughout the process, our Elder Care Management services in Ossipee prioritize the emotional well-being of the elderly and their families.

Moreover, our services extend beyond logistics. We offer counseling, psychosocial support, education, and advocacy, emphasizing Geriatric Care Management multiple times within our services. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach that ensures mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

For those seeking Geriatric Care Management in Ossipee or Elder Care Management, Curtis Quality Care, LLC. is your trusted partner. We prioritize the dignity, comfort, and enhanced quality of life for the elderly and their families, repeatedly emphasizing our commitment to Geriatric Care Management throughout our services.

  • Tailored Holistic Assessments:

    Tailored Holistic Assessments:

    At Curtis Quality Care, LLC., our Geriatric Care Management begins with meticulous and personalized holistic assessments. We recognize the importance of addressing Elder Care Management in Ossipee comprehensively. Our evaluations delve into various facets of seniors' well-being, including physical health, emotional stability, social interactions, and financial security. These in-depth assessments ensure a comprehensive understanding of individual needs, allowing us to craft personalized care plans tailored to specific requirements. By emphasizing Geriatric Care Management Ossipee within our assessments, we ensure that no aspect of a senior's well-being is overlooked. Anticipating future needs enables us to provide proactive and comprehensive care that caters to their holistic health and wellness, specifically considering the Ossipee region's unique aspects.

  • Compassionate Crisis Intervention:

    Compassionate Crisis Intervention:

    Our Geriatric Care Management services at Curtis Quality Care, LLC. prioritize compassionate crisis intervention. We understand the significance of swift and empathetic responses in Elder Care Management. During unexpected emergencies or challenging situations, our dedicated team specializes in providing immediate and empathetic support. We serve as a dependable support system, offering guidance, comfort, and practical solutions for seniors and their families. Be it sudden health issues, emotional distress, or unforeseen circumstances, our approach revolves around swift intervention while ensuring the emotional well-being of seniors. This compassionate crisis intervention, integrated within our Geriatric Care Management services, aims to swiftly alleviate stress and resolve challenges, ensuring peace of mind for all involved in the Ossipee region.

  • Seamless Transitions and Alternative Housing Support:

    Seamless Transitions and Alternative Housing Support:

    Transitioning to alternative housing can be a daunting process for seniors and their families. At Curtis Quality Care, LLC., our Geriatric Care Management services prioritize facilitating seamless transitions. Understanding the significance of finding suitable housing options in Ossipee, our team offers expert guidance throughout this crucial phase, meticulously identifying appropriate living environments that align with individual preferences and needs.

    We focus on ensuring seniors' comfort and support during this transition. From assessing various housing choices to coordinating logistics, our meticulous approach ensures a smooth and stress-free relocation. By providing comprehensive support and addressing concerns, we aim to alleviate stress for both seniors and their families, guaranteeing a seamless transition to new living arrangements that meet their specific requirements.


  • Comprehensive Advocacy and Emotional Support:

    Comprehensive Advocacy and Emotional Support:

    Beyond physical care, Curtis Quality Care, LLC. emphasizes comprehensive advocacy and emotional support within our Geriatric Care Management services in Ossipee. Acknowledging the importance of emotional well-being for seniors and their families, our dedicated team offers a range of services focused on mental and emotional health, including counseling and psychosocial support.

    Through compassionate advocacy, we champion the needs and preferences of seniors, ensuring their voices are heard and respected in decision-making processes. Our tailored approach acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual, providing personalized emotional support to alleviate stress and promote comfort and security. By addressing emotional needs alongside physical care, we aim to enhance the overall quality of life for seniors, fostering an environment of empathy, understanding, and holistic well-being.

Curtis Quality Care, LLC specializes in providing compassionate and comprehensive Senior Hospice and Home Care services. Our range of services includes Senior Palliative and Hospice Care, In-Home Senior Care, Geriatric Care Management, and General Help To The Family.

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