Frequently Asked Questions

Curtis Quality Care, LLC is a State Licensed Home Health Care Service Provider,
Offering Care Management, Transportation, Homemaking, and Companionship Services.

  • I am very concerned about privacy and maintaining my independence, how do your staff interact without upsetting or interfering in my life?
  • What is your expectations and qualifications of your staff?
  • What does it mean to be state licensed?
  • Do you have contracted personnel or employees?
  • Does Medicare pay for long term home healthcare?
  • How do I pay for home Healthcare and long term care?
There is no perfect solution. Our staff is well vetted and trained to be as helpful as possible without being obtrusive and yet stay within each person’s plan of care needs. We do try to keep staffing consistent and on schedule we also try to match staff /client personalities. If there is an issue the administration immediately intervenes and addresses the issue. We keep our company and care practices very transparent for all involved and do random supervision on staff and frequent administrative client/ family visits to keep communication and the relationship open and comfortable.
Most of our staff have been with us for years. We have been truly blessed with the professional staff on our team. All staff must have Healthcare experience, professional references, a criminal background check, DMV check, drug and alcohol test upon hire and also randomly throughout employment. Everyone we hire must WANT to do their job and most have personal reasons like myself to be doing the work we do. We demand professionalism, competency, kindness and honesty from all our staff at all times. All employees must have the desire to continue their education and advance in the company or in their chosen career. We encourage and support our staff in any way we can which allows staff to be content and loyal to the company and most especially our clients.

It means that we are required to follow certain state and federal strictures and that our agency is being monitored by the Dept. of Health and Human Services. They do inspections to make sure we are following all the rules and regulations that keep our clients and our staff safe and protected from harm or exploitation. If we are not following the rules and regulations we get deficiencies (reprimanded) and could be closed and or even prosecuted. Thankfully Curtis Quality Care has always been deficiency free.

We only have employees. We pay all taxes, workmen’s comp, and liability insurance. All staff are fully insured and carefully monitored through the agency.

No. unfortunately not. Medicare will only pay for short term acute medically based homecare. Such as wounds, post-operative and rehabilitation therapy and LNA services for short term care needs only.

Curtis Quality Care, LLC accepts Long term care insurance, Caregiver grants, credit cards and private pay accounts. It is very important to talk to estate planners and insurance companies when planning for care to find out if there are benefits you are unaware of that may already be in place. It is also very important that you talk to multiple agencies. Each homecare agency has different services and cost. One may be a better fit than another. Please reference our resource page for some helpful local resources.